Brake Services in Newtown Square, PA

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When local drivers need repairs and routine maintenance, we have them covered. No matter where you're visiting from, you can come here for world-class brake services done by certified technicians who work in an advanced service department. We use only OEM parts, so you can schedule an appointment with confidence.

Braking System Inspections

Are you hearing strange noises when braking, or do you need a routine inspection? Let our dealership's certified technicians perform a thorough evaluation of your Porsche's braking system-including its rotors, master cylinder, brake pads, calipers, lines, and fluid.

Brake Pad Service, Replacement, and Exchange

Our service center offers a great selection of brake pad services. Whether you drive a Boxster, a Cayman, or a 911, we offer the brake pad replacement services Newtown Square customers need.

Fluid Exchanges

Brake fluid is the lifeblood of your Porsche's braking system, but it tends to become contaminated with time. Keep your brake fluid fresh with regular fluid exchanges. When it's time to have your vehicle's brake fluid flushed, let us do the job. We'll remove the old fluid, inspect your braking system, and refill it with fluid according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Rotor Replacement and Resurfacing

Brake rotors create resistance against the pads when the brake pedal is pressed. Rotors are in optimal condition when their disc faces are flat. When the rotors are worn, they can be resurfaced, but if they're excessively warped, grooved, or worn, they must be replaced. Contact us today to learn how we can restore your braking system's safety and function.

Why Schedule Your Next Braking System Service Appointment With Us?

With all the stress of modern life, a calm, quiet vehicle is something we all need. The smooth ride provided by well-maintained brakes will provide the following benefits:

Increased fuel efficiency: Properly maintained brakes will reduce your fuel cost. Less energy will be used, so it will take less fuel to keep your Porsche running. You'll save every time you pull up to the gas pump!

Precision: With functional brakes, your Porsche will handle better during tight turns. You will enjoy a more precise driving experience everywhere you go.

A safer experience: Safe stopping is a crucial aspect of driving. By maintaining your vehicle's braking system, it will become more responsive, helping you avoid potential collisions.

Money saved over time: All Porsche owners can benefit from reduced operational costs. With preventive brake service, you will spend less overall.

An increased brake lifespan: Without proper maintenance, you'll need to replace the brakes sooner rather than later. Save on replacement parts by keeping your Porsche's brakes in good condition.

Keeping your vehicle legal: To be allowed on the road, vehicles must meet certain safety and reliability standards. In areas with vehicle inspections, the braking system is evaluated. Help your Porsche pass the next inspection by keeping up with brake maintenance.

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If your Porsche vehicle needs brake service or maintenance, visit us at Porsche of The Main Line near Philadelphia. Our trained technicians have the tools, knowledge, and ability to complete all the brake services you may need. Whether it's a minor issue or a major overhaul, we can get the job done. Request additional information online, call us for more details, or stop by our service center today.

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